Picture of a masked man in front of a large fire
Picture of a masked man in front of a large fire

The increasing globalisation of the world economy has meant companies are looking far beyond their home countries for profitable investment opportunities. But these can often be in turbulent regions, which present continual dangers for companies working there. We offer comprehensive insurance products that allow our clients to go about their business no matter how hostile the environment.

Hiscox began writing stand-alone terrorism insurance in the 1970s. More recently, the differences between war, terrorism and political violence (WTPV) cover have become increasingly ambiguous in hostile and complex business environments. To protect our customers we are able to combine risks associated with all three, removing uncertainty. We write a significant share of Lloyd’s business in this field and our insureds range from blue-chip multi-nationals, manufacturers, utilities, petrochemical companies, airlines and hotel chains right down to smaller businesses with a travelling sales force. Our customers value our skill and clarity in wording policies and an excellent claims payment record. For global businesses facing a range of different and fluctuating risks around the world, our products offer comprehensive cover.

Our customers also benefit from our unique relationship with Control Risks, who provide regular intelligence to our clients and brokers on business risks around the world, as well as precious support when crises occur. As companies become more aware of corporate governance issues and their duties of care, and as companies seek new business in unfamiliar parts of the globe, this experience and insight are proving more valuable than ever.

Given the current political climate and the means to which terrorist organisations have access, our clients consistently express concern over the threat of Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radiological terrorism (NCBR). Hiscox is able to offer a product to alleviate such concerns and offer extensive coverage to protect against NCBR perils.

In addition Hiscox is also able to insure our clients against terrorism liability. We can offer both first and third party coverage and given the recent spate of small arms attacks in Europe and America, this coverage is particularly relevant.

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War, Terrorism and Political Violence
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Vice President
War, Terrorism and Political Violence
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War, Terrorism and Political Violence
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