Picture of a ship's bow painted by a painter
Picture of a ship's bow painted by a painter

From recent disasters such as Deepwater Horizon and Costa Concordia to the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and Ike, Hiscox has helped to meet the costs of some of the world’s worst marine and energy incidents.

Hiscox has been underwriting marine and energy insurance for decades and today we insure all types of vessel, from fishing boats and yachts up to tankers, container ships and cruise ships. We provide cover for physical damage, loss of hire, and the perils of war and terrorism. We also cover for damage to cargo, and third-party liabilities related to marine perils.

In addition to marine risks, energy forms a significant part of the portfolio and, whether offshore or on land, we protect energy companies against the risks associated with wells, platforms, mobile units, plants and pipelines, from damage during drilling and construction, to fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm and earthquake, and also the energy companies’ business interruption costs and liabilities. This class of insurance demands an expert appreciation of each client’s specific needs, and an appetite for innovation on a continuous basis.

Today’s team of underwriters has over 100 years’ combined experience and is ready to provide expert insurance for the world’s leading marine and energy businesses and to service efficiently the claims from our clients when they arise.

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Chief Underwriting Officer
Hiscox London Market

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