We hope that you will find the answer to your query in the list of frequently asked questions below. However, if you require help or more information, please contact:

E brochurefeedback@hiscox.com
T +44 (0)20 7448 6522


How do I navigate between articles?
On a mobile device or tablet: Click the left and right buttons to move laterally between articles. Alternatively, click the menu button (shown below) to select from a list of all pages.
Image for menu on Hiscox page

I am struggling to find what I am looking for. Help?
Use the search tab to quickly locate specific content. Enter a keyword and press the adjacent search button. Any pages which mention that keyword will be displayed here in relevant descending order.

Offline reading

How do I access the app when I am away from an internet connection?
The website will automatically try to store all of its contents for offline viewing on devices and browsers that support this functionality. When it’s finished you should be able to access it offline wherever you are.

How do I get the app on my device?
We would recommend that you save it to your device’s home screen. You can do this by clicking or tapping the ‘share’ icon within your browser and selecting ‘Add to home screen’ from the popup menu. If you are using a Samsung tablet, tap the options menu in the top right corner and choose ‘add shortcut to home’.

What devices does it work on?
We have attempted to support most devices within the Hiscox corporate brochure web app. We are continuously improving the application and value your feedback. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please complete the feedback form.

Removing the app

How do I remove the app from my device?
The Hiscox corporate brochure can be removed from your mobile device or tablet just like any other app. However, to ensure it is completely removed, you may wish to clear your device’s cache.


How can I share my feedback?
If you wish to leave feedback regarding our web app please click here.